About and Welcome

Welcome to my Seventeen Syllable Poetry Page.

This is a place where I will be experimenting with short form poetry, but not particularly with haiku.

I am an old free-verser and story-teller from way back and I generally dislike ‘form’ poetry and stylistic verse, so I won’t be burdening any reader with that here.

My challenge will be to get a complete story into the short form.

Hope you enjoy my efforts, and please feel free to comment should you wish to.

Longer free verse is located at my Frank Prem Poetry blog. I’d love to have you visit there.

By the way, all material appearing here is original and must not be used without my permission. All the usual copyright protections apply.

Complete collections that I’ve posted (mainly at the Frank Prem Poetry site):

Surviving the Devil – A Bushfire Collection – (The Black Saturday Fires, 2009)

Drought/Lagoon – (Drought in the Goulburn Valley, 2005-2006)

Psychiatry Memoir:

Psychiatry 1: Early YearsPsychiatry 2: Student DazePsychiatry 3: After AsylumPsychiatry 4: Acute ObservationsPsychiatry 5: Hostel Life; and Psychiatry 6: Epilogue – My life and career in psychiatric services.

The Book of Evenings – (Things that happen between the dark and the dawn)

Tuesday Night at Emile’s – (If it’s a Tuesday, then it must be Emiles’ …)

small town kid (memoir) – Growing up ina little town in North east Victoria.

Memoir of a Dog – (The rise and fall of one family, told through the medium of their dog).

A Lizard Life – The adventures of an Eastern Blue Tongue Lizard (skink) that lives in my back yard.

All in a Year (September 2016 – December 2017) – ( A Poem-A-Day for a year – and then a bit more)

The Pilgrim – (Advice and wisdom for the Journey)

Currently publishing:

Gaston Bachelard (and me) – Poems arising from contemplation of the French philosopher’s writings.

Round the Lake Walk – A set inspired by a walk around Lake Sambell, in Beechworth.

A Book of Clouds – Seventeen syllable poetry derived from a contemplation of clouds.