10 thoughts on “A Book of Clouds #12: enduring beyond”

    1. Welcome to seventeensyllablepoetry, Tracy.

      Not exactly new, but less than a year, I think. As you say, I’m too prolific for my own good and when I decided to try limited form, I thought I better do it in a new place. Mainly the clouds are happening here, but some news item interpretation as well. Soon I’ll be cranking up an author site as I hope to be appearing in print and e-book again. No idea what I’ll do then. Maybe go dark on the other blog and invite folk to move over. All very complicated, but glad to have you here.

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      1. Nothing is available in print at the moment, Tracy. I’ve done 3 self published collections in the past. This time around I’ll be doing a Print on Demand approach and amazon etc – if I survive the process to that point.

        Hopefully better results.

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