11 thoughts on “A Book of Clouds #23: smoke (and meander)”

  1. Very pretty! I’m impressed, not having exposed myself to too much poetry, either to create myself or just enjoy. Your short verses and photos are lovely. (Visiting you from the Weekly Photo Challenge page.)

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      1. Sorry I should have been more specific and actually looked for the error rather than just pointing out it was there.

        If it makes you feel better even after 24 years making websites I still make stupid coding errors that aren’t always obvious.

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      2. Ha! Yep, code is always tricky, I reckon.

        I am so used to seeing the code in the ‘text’ mode that I didn’t realize I was in the ‘published mode’. Done now and I’m grateful. Looks very amateur otherwise – not like me, at all, really … LOL

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      3. I’ve released websites to clients with stupid errors like that in it, typos in the main blurbs and even missing important information. Sometimes it’s quiet funny, other times you go looking for a corner to hide in 🙂

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      4. Some are, some are less understanding when you show them they made the mistake in the information they gave you. But I always offer clients a few goes to proof read before any site goes live.

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