red on blonde

roll me

blanket white

scorn my back
with branches

the blonde


Photo Prompt by Sue Vincent: untrodden


Author: Frank Prem

Just the poetry. That is all.

23 thoughts on “red on blonde”

    1. Ha. Wouldn’t last a minute here. Nice pic for a photo prompt, though. I’m having a crack at speculative fiction (or at least what I understand by the term. A whole realm of possible directions opening up.

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      1. The photo works well for the words.
        I struggle a bit with speculative fiction when I try to write it because it’s a such a broad thing. For me it’s like dystopian futures. I might at times border on such topics but it’s purely accidental not deliberate.

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      2. It probably is speculative. I think one of my problems with speculative fiction is that I never understand exactly what it is. I used to do a lot of writing comps and it appeared to me that speculative fiction covered just about every topic and every scenario, the difference was how the person judging read the story.

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      3. Too expensive for entry into the void. I won a couple of small comps and had a few pieces accepted here and there – not bad, without being great, but not enough to make it worth while or to see a developmental path.

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      4. Tat’s the way.

        I’m about to send you an epub. One word wrong, but you won’t notice (I suspect). Hope you like it, but tell me, regardless. Feedback won’t do any permanent harm.

        I’ll nag for a review before we’re done, but enjoy it in the meantime.

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      5. The book looks really good. I hope to sit down with it a bit later today. Stupid me started a new project and got 6000 words in and realised I have a major continuity issue which requires reworking. I suppose it could have been worse I could have finished it and realised the mistake 🙂


      6. I just finished it. Unless the wrong word is a to that I read as a from I didn’t pick the wrong word.

        What I did read was an amazing collection of words. I wont lie and say I understood every one but there is some really emotive work there. And so many images created by the words.

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      7. I agree, the first time I sent a book to a publisher I was reluctant to let it go, but I knew I had to.

        It’s wonderful to think that we grew up in different generations and only a few hundred kilometres from each other but so much of what you saw was still around for me. Things like the outside dunny, the rock throwing, the football. It really is a case of the more things change the more they stay the same.

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